About the Department of Administrative and Local Government Law

The teaching and research activities of the Department cover various areas of administrative law. The basic course of studies comprises courses in the general administrative law, the government and self-government system law, and the public accountability law. In addition, the Department offers lectures devoted to the public utilities law, and other areas concerning the methods and techniques of work used in administration. The students are also welcome to attend the BA and MA seminars of their choice, most of which cover selected areas of the administrative law.

The research conducted at the Department, supervised by the Head of the Department – professor Irena Lipowicz, focuses on the issues of public law, especially in reference to the local government, human & civic rights, access to information and the social care; as well as other areas, traditionally not associated with the  the administrative law, such as the energy law and the public contracting. The planning law, the legal framework for the privatization of public tasks, and the regulatory law are also important issues studied at the Department.

The current faculty and staff members of the Department:

Professor Irena Lipowicz – the Head of the Department

Agnieszka Piskorz-Ryń, PhD - Reader

Ziemowit Cieślik, PhD - Reader

Mariusz Szyrski, PhD - Reader

Radosław Mędrzycki, PhD - Reader


The Department hosts and supports the Students’ Administrative Law Research Group.

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